Notary’s fees

The notary’s fees are governed by the provisions of article 40, Law 2830/2000, i.e. the “NOTARIES’ CODE” (Government Gazette 96/16-3-2000), as amended and currently in force, which, in brief, stipulates the following:

For all the deeds prepared and the services provided within a notary's scope of competence, notaries are entitled to remuneration. With regard to deeds which deal with objects whose value can be estimated in cash, notaries are entitled to pro rata fees calculated on the basis of the total value stated in the contract or a higher value as stipulated provisionally or permanently by the competent authority. Such fees shall be determined at least every three years by virtue of a joint decision of the Ministers of Economy, Justice and Finance upon consultation with the Steering Committee of the Notary Associations of Greece.

Notaries are entitled to half of their legal fee for contracts or deeds prepared by them as instructed by the contracting parties where such contract or deed was not executed due to any of the contracting parties being at fault. The party liable for payment shall be the party ordering the preparation of said documents.

Fees and duties that are lawfully collected by a notary upon preparation of a contract may not be returned under any circumstances.

Notaries are entitled to - until full repayment of the applicable fees and duties owed to them - withhold the documents of the contracting parties that are in the notary's hands.